Designer Bio

Karyn Skaggs, Designer

fairyde' sign - to plan, sketch an outline for.    2. the arrangement of parts, form, color, etc. in a work of art.

pro' fession - occupation or calling, esp. one requiring learning; pertaining to a profession or calling.

- al - a.
fa'cil'i' tate - to make easy or easier; -or. a person whose activity makes easy the task of others.

I have been in the residential interior design industry for more than 40 years; first joining House of Burgess, a family business, as showroom assistant and bookkeeper.

After completing high school, with an emphasis in the arts, I attended college to further my exposure to architecture, art history and general studies. I continue this learning process through professional organizations and industry foundations. I assumed complete oversight of the company in 1993, moving it from a retail showroom / shop location to a studio setting and have continued to provide design guidance and installations throughout the greater Washington - Baltimore area and beyond.

My clients not only include the families and business owners established by my parents in the late 1960 ' s, but  now the children of those same clients.  The business continues to grow through the personal referrals accumulated  through more than forty years of service, quality and dedication not only to my craft but to my clients.

As I am dependent upon suppliers and contractors to provide products and services to my clients, I will be your advocate to be sure your project proceeds as smoothly as possible. There are no " givens " in the industry and all projects from renovating a closet to hanging a piece of art are both subjective and, sometimes, subjected to things beyond my control. All projects are completed according to specifications and requirements at the time they commence; however, there may be changes necessary as the project proceeds.

Karyn Skaggs
Pres / CEO / CCBW
References are available upon request.